Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Gaza: RM1.1 Million From Malaysians For Cancer Centre

KUALA LUMPUR, May 18 (Bernama) -- The RM1.1 million contributed by Malaysians for the 'Life Line for Gaza' (LL4G) will be used to build the Cancer Centre in Gaza, besides being used to buy food and medical supplies.

The chairman of the Coalition of Graduates of Higher Educational Institutions of Malaysia (HALUAN), Noorazman Mohd Samsuddin, who is leading the Malaysian international humanitarian convoy to Gaza, said the mission this time was considered highly risky.

This was because the AFP news agency report Tuesday claimed that Israel would prevent any humanitarian aid to Gaza using the sea route, he said at a media conference, here Tuesday.

He said, however, participants of the convoy this time were prepared to face various negative scenarios that might crop up during the mission, including blockades by Israel warships.

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